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AUGUSTIN INTERNATIONAL CENTER, INC., is committed to link the labor market and overseas job opportunities with each other by constructing capillaries of equitable, efficient, and reliable services which were carefully designed to enhance camaraderie and promote excellent and globally competitive Filipino workmanship.

Augustin International Center, Incorporated opens its door to offer the following services :​

Review and evaluation

Review and evaluation of manpower request given by the principal


Advertisement and Field Recruitment


Carefully selected based on qualifications

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We have more than 20 years in the industry.

Advanced and above-standard system and quality service
In recruitment of Filipino workers who are
Committed, knowledgeable, and
Integral element of an organization
Ultimately and earnestly
Promoting among others the value of
Hardwork and goodwill
Leading into specially molded brotherhood despite
Differences in race, realm, and religion - altogether
Saturately inspiring and serving as catalyst of

Trusted by Leaders

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